This is Where We Show Off

project 0.1

Home Depot Head Office

Re & Re

Removal and replacing asphalt, patching, speed bumps and walkways, this one day project encompassed quite a few tasks.

project 0.2

Staples Head Office

Safety First

Total parking lot overhaul, addressing all the major concerns we had when we arrived, as well as implementing several safety and accessibility features made this job a real treat.

project 0.3

Rockwood Mall

Accessible and Efficient

Monolithic concrete pour, removal and replacing of asphalt, and line painting all happened in phases to ensure the parking lot was still useable and the mall, accessible to patrons.

project 0.4


Cowboys and Bankers

This was definitely a favourite project of ours, installing a hitching rail and concrete pad outside of this Scotiabank.

project 0.5


East Coast Wonder

This job took us to Newfoundland for a total overhaul of this Foodland's existing parking infrastructure and to improve the availability of accessible options.