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Parking Lot Audits - Our team of experts will work within your budget to develop a tactical and comprehensive preventative maintenance program identifying safety hazards, minimizes long term costs, and increases property value.

Routine Maintenance Planning - Power washing, power sweeping, parking lot line stripping and custom marking, and parking lot sign and safety devices are all imperative to maintaining effiencency and safety amongst vehicles and pedestrians.

Crack Sealing - For the best result, our crews perform routing to create a reservoir for the sealant by enlarging the small cracks to a specified width and depth. This encourages better adherence of the rubber sealant through expansion and contraction during thermal changes.

Seal Coating - Properly seal coated asphalt surfaces are protected from the harmful effects of seasonal elements, salt, tire friction from traffic, oil and gas from vehicles. Regular seal coating can extend the life of your pavement and produce a savings of more than 200% in future maintenance costs.

Asphalt Patch Paving - Potholes are a result of water freezing and thawing between the parking structure surface. They pose a major liability risk to you and a health & safety risk to users of your investment property. In these types of repairs, hot asphalt or cold patch is placed over top of the proposed areas and then compacted.

Asphalt Overlay - In order to be a good candidate for overlay, pavement should be relatively sound without large areas of base failure. Pavement and crack repairs must be made prior to overlay. Once tack coat has been applied over the entire surface, a new layer of hot mix is installed directly over existing asphalt.

Asphalt Remove & Replace - Severely deteriorated areas may require complete removal and replacement for an effective repair. To complete this service, crews saw cut a perimeter around the damaged pavement. The asphalt is removed and hauled off site while the base is graded and compacted. Hot mix asphalt is placed in the area, raked and rolled for adequate compaction.

Concrete areas make up a large part of your investment property. Function and upkeep is absolutely essential to maintain safety and enhance the user experience.

Our Concrete Program Includes :
• Broken sidewalk replacement
• Barrier curb installation, repair and replacement
• Pitted or cracked flat area replacement
• Root damage repair
• Grinding of trip hazards
• Polyurethane Slab lifting
• Handicap accessible ramp & star installation
• Reconfiguration of concrete areas
• Stamped and coloured concrete installation

Stormwater Management - Promain is dedicated to educating clients on the purpose and function of storm water systems. Our team of experts have extensive knowledge on the unique requirements and regulations owners must act in accordance with. Lack of maintenance can lead to flooding, water damage and costly repairs in addition to corrective measures mandated by city authorities.

Our Stormwater Program Includes : 
• Catch Basin/Manhole Inspections, Repairs & Cleaning• Pipe Jetting & Camera Services
• Oil & water separator Inspections & cleaning
• Storm filter cartridges inspection & cleaning
• Sinkhole repairs
• Water main repairs

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Promain is on a mission to provide premium exterior maintenance services to commercial property managers and property owners at competitive prices.

We are dedicated to streamlining processes to make your job easier by reducing paperwork and serving as a single point of contact for all your exterior facility management needs.

Red Lobster

I’ve been working with Promain for about 5 years now; they cover most of Ontario for me. We have a great working relationship, their pricing is competitive, and they quickly react to service calls. They are sensitive to keeping disruptions to a minimum for our guests which has been crucial to our business.


Promain has been heavily involved in asphalt, concrete, and interlock stone work over the past several years at Panasonic Canada’s Head Office in Mississauga. With each experience, we have been thoroughly impressed from proposal submission to their attention to detail, work ethic, professionalism, superior customer service and completing jobs on schedule.


From small potholes and large sinkholes, to crumbling brick, to walls smashed by trucks, Promain has been able to handle all of these situations effectively and promptly. When I call with a problem, I know it will be addressed promptly, and managed in a timely manner.
Anthony has taken this company from an asphalt paving service to a superior exterior maintenance service.