Interlocking Brick & Concrete Repairs

Concrete is the choice material for lower traffic areas such as sidewalks, curbs, or loading docks. Promain offers a wide range of concrete repair services including, new installation, removal of old concrete, and maintenance of existing concrete.

Our services include

Concrete Patching

Even the most durable and strong concrete projects can succumb to damage over time. To repair depressions or cracks in the surface, skilled Promain experts use a high-strength polymer reinforced patching material that dries quickly, resists harsh weather and blends with the original concrete surface texture.

Concrete Grinding

Seasonal changes in temperature cause concrete slabs to shift. Grinding trip hazards is a practical solution, however, it is not permanent. In cases where slab lifting is not an option, concrete grinding is a cost-effective solution versus a full replacement. Promain professionals can complete grinding projects swiftly with minimal interruption to business.

Concrete Stabilization

If your concrete slab (sidewalk/walkway) is shifted or uneven, concrete stabilization can rectify the issues. A polyurethane resin injection is used for lifting the concrete slabs and filling the voids beneath. Once completed, the concrete slabs will be level when the concrete stabilization process is performed in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and best practices.

Sidewalk Installation

Sidewalks are essential pathways for pedestrian traffic in a parking lot. Cracked or uneven sidewalks are both unappealing and dangerous to users. Promain is able to isolate the damaged areas and repair or replace as required while adhering to industry standards and best practices.

Frost Slab Installation

A frost slab is structurally tied into a building foundation. Frost slabs remain in the same position all seasons of the year and therefore are less susceptible to heaving and shifting from fluctuating temperatures versus traditional concrete slabs. Construction professionals typically utilize this application at building entrances or loading docks to assure access points are not compromised by frequent variations in temperature. Promain is familiar with best practice specifications and has a wealth of experience installing frost slabs in a timeline that does not disrupt the flow of pedestrian/vehicle traffic at critical points of entry.

Ramp Railing & Stair Installation

Your commercial property hosts a wide variety of clientele every single day. It is imperative that every single visitor have a safe and positive experience when they visit. Crucial to business safety and operation, building entrances must accommodate people of all abilities. Providing your guests with accessible options is required by law in many areas. Repairs and regular maintenance will keep your entrances welcoming, reliable and slip free. Promain has the industry knowledge to install wheelchair accessible ramps, stairs and railings that are designed with convenience in mind.

Barrier Curb Installation

Barrier curbs are used in parking lots to define the perimeter of the parking area. Elevated curbs are used to stop vehicles from travelling into off-limit areas such as designated pathways for pedestrians and landscaped spaces. Another primary function of barrier curbs is to create positive drainage to an existing stormwater system. Promain installs new and repairs damaged sections of barrier curbs according to industry best practices.

Interlocking Brick Repair

Interlocking is used to beautify a parking lot or entrance to a building. Generally, interlocking is not as durable as asphalt and concrete due to our harsh Canadian climate. The effects of humidity changes, extreme temperature fluctuations, and roots from gardens deteriorate the bricks and cause them to lift, shift and break. Promain professionals are experts in interlock restoration and replacement. Start a new project with Promain today!

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