Safety Guards & Barriers

Controlling traffic and protecting pedestrians in parking areas is important for preventing property damage and unsafe conditions. Safety guards and barriers deliver high safety standards to your parking lot and property, reflecting positively on your business.

Our services include

Precast Concrete Curbs

Promain is a supplier of precast concrete curbs for commercial and industrial parking lots. These curbs are designed to keep cars away from sidewalks, pathways and building structures along with preventing collisions between vehicles in a parking lot. Precast concrete curbs can withstand changing weather. Moreover, precast curbs are easily installed, removed and relocated for parking lot reconfigurations or snow maintenance.

Temporary Barriers

Temporary concrete barriers are excellent traffic safety accessories that help regulate traffic, differentiate opposing lanes of traffic and protect workers or pedestrians in a given area. They help prevent collisions, and control speed in parking areas, construction zones and roadways. Temporary concrete barriers are available in a range of sizes and specifications that can be easily placed, relocated and removed to suit your needs.

Guard Rail Systems

Guardrails protect property, personnel and equipment from damage inflicted by vehicle traffic and other hazards. Promain guard rail systems are highly durable and made to stand strong against a 10,000 lb impact at 6 km an hour. A vital part of any facility, guard rail systems ensure safety and restrict certain areas to prevent hazards. Contact Promain today to start protecting your greatest assets with a custom guard rail solution.

Bollard Installation

Bollards are used for a variety of safety and decorative applications. Impact bollards, sometimes referred to as antiterrorism bollards, are designed to withstand collisions up to 15,000 lbs. Well placed impact bollards provide vulnerable buildings and areas with an additional level of security and protection. Decorative bollards and bollard covers are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to enhance even your most challenging landscape design.

Fence Repair & Installation

Often a safe and secure parking lot is required for business operations. Commercial chain link fencing protects businesses from theft, unwanted entry into working areas (shipping terminal) and acts as a wildlife barrier. Our chain link installation is fast, easy and cost-effective. An alternative to chain link is wood fencing. Wood fencing can be ornamental and is durable while adding an element of privacy. Easy to install and repair, wood fencing can be installed quickly at an affordable cost to meet your budget requirements and standards.

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