Stormwater Management

Stormwater consists of rain and melted snow that has run off the land and back into the ground, sewers or natural water bodies. The main goal of a stormwater management plan is to protect local water quality and aquatic life. It reduces the risk of flooding and prevents standing water from deteriorating asphalt or creating icy lot conditions. Regular stormwater management is crucial and often required by law to maintain the safe and reliable commercial property.

Our services include

Catch Basin Installation

Catch basins are an essential part of a commercial stormwater management system. To install a new system, a team of Promain experts will drop a large concrete basin below the parking surface and connect sloped pipes for drainage. Catch basins filter trash and debris from the rainwater that will continue through the system to be processed at a water treatment facility.

Catch Basin Repair

Just like asphalt, catch basins require regular maintenance to be reliable and control damage. If your catch basin is in need of maintenance or repairs, Promain is able to restore function to keep your stormwater system managing rainfall properly. Regularly scheduled maintenance prevents flooding and keeps toxic waste left behind by vehicles out of the community water supply.

Watermain & Line Repair

A watermain is an underground pipe that connects your property to the city plumbing system that sends out waste water and receives clean drinking water. Seasonal weather changes cause the watermain and surrounding lines to contract and expand leading to leaky and worn pipes. Leaks and cracks in the pipe can disrupt water pressure, spike water bills and flood surrounding properties. Promain is available 27/4 and has a variety of solutions to investigate and determine the best solution, including hydro excavation, line jetting and camera inspection services.

Sinkhole Repair

When the drainage pipes connected to the catch basin begin to fail or collapse, water begins to erode the sub-base and soil supporting the asphalt. Sinkholes commonly begin as a small hole that you cannot see the bottom of. The depth of the hole is an indication that a dangerous situation is progressing below the asphalt’s surface. If left for too long, it is possible for the surrounding asphalt area to collapse, causing damage to vehicles or dangerous situations for pedestrians. The maintenance services offered at Promain will solve any sinkhole issue you are facing.

Drain Cleaning

Trash, heavy debris and sediment settle at the bottom of catch basins, allowing the collected water to move more efficiently through the pipes and minimize drainage interruptions. Without regular maintenance, catch basins can become the ideal spot for pests and more prone to flooding. Promain uses ht pressurized water and industrial vacuums to flush the drainage system and dispose of debris off site.

Drain Camera Services

Recurring floods, slow draining, or complex clogs require further investigation to determine the source of the problem. Using a flexible waterproof camera, highly skilled Promain experts feed the camera through the drains looking for collapsed pipes, tree roots or clogged debris. This technology provides real-time video footage of your drain inspection and allows Promain to recommend solutions quickly and accurately.

Swale Installation

A swale is an environmentally friendly, landscaped channel designed to collect stormwater and runoff from roads, highways and parking lots. Large filter rocks and carefully selected local vegetation create a visually appealing filtration system that protects local waterways and minimizes standing water.

Trash Compactor Clean Up

A smelly trash compactor attracts a variety of disease carrying pests. Your trash compactors need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized frequently to keep your property and visitors safe. Using hot pressurized water, Promain’s team of skilled professionals will de-grease and sanitize the compactor and surrounding area.

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